About Kanoon

Kanoon    is a vibrant private organisation in Iran's educational sector. Currently, it offers a wide range of educational products and services such as bi-weekly Developmental Assessment (or Developmental Examination), Personal Tutoring and educational books to 450,000 students around the country. We in Kanoon aim at helping the students to become self-learner, self-reliant, and capable of achieving their goals. So far, Kanoon has been extremely successful in this attempt, as indicated by the outstanding performance of our pupils in the competitive National University Entry Exam, called "Concour".

Promoting equal access to education has been at the heart of Kanoon's policy since its inception. To realise this goal, this organisation invests its entire annual profit in various social projects, such as providing scholarships to disabled and financially disadvantaged students, as well as building schools and libraries in Iran’s least well-off areas. This dedication to educational development makes Kanoon the first educational social enterprise in Iran. Kanoon educational services and products are embodied in its Developmental Assessment/Examination. Here, are twenty significant factors implicit in Kanoon educational method.

Kanoon educational methods are designed based on these twenty principles:

1. Strategic nature of Kanoon Developmental Assessment/Examination
2. Providing a single coherent plan
3. Motivating self-learning
4. Promoting equal educational opportunity
5. Increasing student’s calmness
6. Encouraging self-esteem
7. Correcting over-expectations
8. Enhancing Persistency
9. Increasing motivation for studying
10. Never is too late
11. Balancing studying hours
12. Potential for agile adjustments
13. Creating a challenging environment
14. Learning the importance of effort through self-reflection
15. Breaking down a difficult goal into small and achievable objectives
16. Adapting to the examination environment
17. Assessment for learning
18. Refining the learning methods
19. Emphasising on textbooks
20. Involving parents