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Here, you can read what Kanoon's Personal Tutors, teachers, students and managers think about Kanoon books. By reading their reflections you can understand how to use these books, and how these educational books can help you learn your lessons. 
Kanoon Books: Steps to Mastery:
What would you do to reach the level of mastery in a lesson? What are the necessary stages that you need to pass, in order to reach to that level of perfectionism? Here in Kanoon we offer you five stages to fulfil your aim and achieve the level of mastery in each lesson.

Stage 1: Kanoon “Green Books” are designed for those who want to understand their lessons thoroughly. They have many coherent examples that help you gain a deeper insight into the textbooks' materials. Green books put you right in the heart of understanding the subjects!

Stage 2: If you believe that practice makes perfect, I offer you Kanoon's ”Biennial Books” that are a collection of an abundant number of practice tests covering every single corner of each subject.

Stage 3: For those of you who want to challenge themselves with more difficult questions, Kanoon offers its “Blue Books”, which have a categorised set of collections of the previous Universities Entrance Examinations’ questions. Blue books enjoy explanatory answers that promote learning alongside testing. In this line, Kanoon also introduce its "Purple Books”, which are the special offers for the Exceptional Talents. Needless to say that these books encompasses a larger range of diverse and even more difficult questions to benefit the most ambitious students.

Stage 4: The fortnightly Developmental Assessments of Kanoon will come to your aid to lead you one step towards self-assessment stage. These exams are designed to simulate the real Universities Entrance Examinations and will create a great difference in the final results of those who take them regularly.

Stage 5: In case you are looking for a book that provides you with a categorised set of Concours' questions, Kanoon “Yellow Books” are a right choice. They offer a collection of the previous years Universities Entrance Examinations’ questions, which are designed in a classified manner and explain each test thoroughly.
Kanoon Books:
Kanoon books have an important and valuable property, like a treasure. To show you why, I will guide you to kanoon's library.
In Kanoon, we have 5 stages for studying and five kinds of books for each stage. The first stage is studying textbooks. This stage is very important for learning, because in this stage if your books are not enough, you can use Kanoon‘s "Green books". Using these books is useful for learning. The second stage is solving the important questions of each subject. After reading the school textbooks, Students use Kanoon‘s "Grey books" for more practice. Testing is the third stage, and we have "Blue books" in our library, which provide students with an archive of each subject's tests of previous Concours. The forth stage is examination that students use "Yellow Books", which are useful to assess your total knowledge.
Every book in Kanoon‘s library is useful for a special period of learning. For example, our seasonal books, such as the Norooz books are written based on Norooz examinations. Since, we call the period of Norooz golden period in Kanoon. Because it is a holiday in the middle of academic year, and our students can overtake their rivals, who are resting during this time. During the golden period of Norooz, students lack enough time to study some books and with help of our seasonal books they can achieve the great success that they deserve.
Dive in to the Sea of Knowledge:
Author: Mrs. Marziye Foroughpour
"Did you know that every Kanoon student's learning process is like a metaphoric "dive" in to the sea of Knowledge every two weeks?
This "dive" has five stages. The first stage is "jumping", this jump includes studying the school textbooks and getting help from Kanoon's Green Books. The second stage is "going few meters underwater" by studying Kanoon's Grey Books. The third Stage is "accelerating deep in to the water" through studying Kanoon's Blue Books. The fourth stage is checking your depth meter, by taking Kanoon bi-weekly Developmental Examinations. The final stage is enjoying the wonderful world of underwater, when you reach self-realisation in learning by assessing your mistakes after the exam."
Simple but Important:
There are different approaches for achieving success in exams, but one of the main recipes is 'Repeat the Basic Concepts'. By, firstly, frequent repetitions of the exercises, and secondly, generalising to other practices (i.e. making concept practicable), you can prepare for your exam. You can find these two simple approaches in Kanoon Work Books. Following factors are included in these books:

  • At the beginning of the chapter there is a pie chart of the exam budget related to that topic,
  • Seasonal grading budgets at the beginning of the first and second semester,
  • Tables of questions on any topic and charts,
  • Trees of knowledge at the introduction of each chapter, showing information offered in each chapter,
  • Classification of questions into even and odd pages,
  • Even pages are paired with explanatory answers

I recommend you to prepare for the exams read the even pages, and to deepen your understanding of each subject practice the add pages of these books. To master in each subject review the questions of Kanoon Blue and Work boos, as much as you can.
In Farsi

برای موفقیت در امتحانات میان نوبت و همچنین امتحانات پایانی راهکار های متفاوتی وجود دارد.
می توان با توجه به نکات اصلی و ساده ای که دبیران بر آنها تاکید دارند ( تکرار مفاهیم پایه ) و یا با تکرارهای تمارین پر تکرار و تعمیم آن به سایر تمارین ( کاربردی کردن مفاهیم ) خود را برای امتحانات آماده کرد.
.این دو راه کار ساده را در کتاب سوال های پرتکرار می توان یافت.
کتاب سوال های پرتکرار با طبقه بندی مجموعه سوالات امتحانی مدارس کشور با نگاه ساده آموزشی خود سعی
در آشنایی هر چه تمام تر شما با سلیقه امتحانی دبیران دارد.

:نکات قابل توجه
· حاوی نمودار دایره ای در ابتدای هرفصل که مشخص کننده بودجه بندی امتحانی است
· حاوی بارم بندی فصل ها در امتحانات نوبت اول و دوم
· حاوی جدول مشخص کننده زیر موضوع و نمودار فراوانی سوال در هر قسمت
· حاوی درخت دانش و معرفی زیر مجموعه ها در هر فصل
· تقیسم بندی سوالات به صفحات زوج و فرد
· سوالات صفحات زوج دارای پاسخ تشریحی می باشند
یک توصیه ی مهم :
· برای آمادگی هرچه تمام تر برای امتحانات ،در مرحله اول سوالات صفحات زوج و برای شناخت در یادگیری صفحات فرد را بررسی کنید.
Personal Developmental Book:
When students enrol in Kanoon, we give them a magical book and ask them to complete it carefully. The pages of this book are drawn with specific tables that need to be filled in. Our students should write their number of study in these tables, every day. This helps them improve in their studies and increase effort. At the end of each week, students should sum up the amounts of their weekly study. This encourages them to increase their effort in the coming week.
Personal Tutors check their pupils Personal Developmental Book every month and gives them advice to improve their situation at school and achieve their goals.
Millions of students have used Kanoon Personal Developmental Books, from 1997:
Each Kanoon’s student has an individual learning strategy. In this regard, five main characteristics of Kanoon Personal Developmental Books are:

1. Making learning strategy in retrospect manner, (the main feature of these books is planning for future, based on your past).
2. Times scale is a week.
3. You have the main responsibility.
4. In this method, each individual is his/her own main rival.
A Book for Exam:
Kanoon book of 'Frequently Asked Questions' contains:

• The frequent asked questions in the exams nationwide.
• Ranking of these questions according to the topic of textbook.
• Books' right pages have the answers that you can learn the solutions.
• The left pages are questions without answers that help you try yourself.

• The number of repetition of each question is written beside each question that help you find the most important questions in each topic.
My Favourite Kanoon's Book:
I want to talk about one of the Kanoon's best books, called Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Books. When I started high school, my grades were not good. One of my friends, who was in third grade of high school, suggested me to use FAQ Books, in every lessons that I face any problem. At first, I did not pay attention to him, but one day I bought FAQ Book for biology.

In first semester the average of my results in biology was under 15, but when I started working on this book I found it so interesting, because after I read my biology textbook, I had a perfect book for practice . Hence, in the second semester my grades had improved and my average result in biology had increased four points. Here, I saw the change for better. These days, I suggest my friends to buy Kanoon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) books.
 Kanoon Norooz Books for Primary School Students:
Kanoon suggest a special set of Norooz resources, called “Norooz Books“. All of the students must study these books because of the following reasons:

a) Students can review all of the textbooks in a Norooz book that covers math, science, farsi, and social science.
b) The level of questions' difficulty are standardised, so all of the students are encouraged to practice them.
c) The answer sheets are in another book that is separated, so the students cannot cheat and they are obliged to think about all of the questions.

d) If they practice about 10 questions every Norooz day, then it will be finished soon.
Using Educational Video for Teaching:
One of the educational tools in Kanoon is using educational videos for teaching. These videos are saved on DVD and students use them at home. We have two kinds of educational videos:
1 – Kanoon Educational videos for teaching textbook:
In these videos, teachers teach the topics of the textbooks. This topics are not necessarily the difficult subjects. It helps students understand the textbooks. They use it during the year.
2 – Kanoon Educational videos for teaching important points:
In these videos, teachers teach important points of the textbook and solve the difficult questions. The purpose of using these videos is preparing the students for the entrance tests of special schools. The best time to use these video is during the Norooz holidays, because by using them you can finish the whole books in a short period.
Behyad Box:
Author: Shima Rahimi
After Litner box, “Behyad” is the name of another learning box in Kanoon. This box is something like Litner box for memorizing. It has been introduced and published by Kanoon for the first time. Most of Kanoon students use it for learning and memorizing better. Here are some of the benefits of Behyad:

  • Makes it enjoyable and attractive for students to study.
  • Avoids unnecessary repetitions.
  • Increases their concentration.
  • Prevents you from forgetting your courses and makes their entry into your long-term memory.
Memorize Forever:
Leitner box is initially proposed by a German journalist, Sebastian Leitner, in1970. This box is a world wide known method for memorising. Many years ago Kanoon published this famous box for its students as a scientific learning method to help them improve their memorising skills. Kanoon has also explained this memorising system in Personal Developmental Books to familiarise the students how to use it.
Kanoon‘s Leitner is a glass like box with empty flashcards, so students can use them for memorising new concepts. Nowadays most of Kanoon’s students use this learning box to memorise words and formulas.
:Best Books for Norooz
One of the most important Kanoon's seasonal books is Norooz book, which is written based on Kanoon‘s Norooz Developmental Examinations. In Kanoon we call the period of Norooz the 'Golden Period' and it is important for students to study and practice well, in order to be able to compete with others and achieve success. Students practice Norooz book during this holiday and Personal Tutors check the students homework. These books are written for different levels from primary school to high school for studying during the Norooz holiday as homework.
Kanoon Norooz Book:
During Norooz holiday, some do not want to study or even take a look at their study books. They like to travel, visit relatives, watch TV, and even sleep. Meanwhile, there are some students, who want to study during Norooz holiday and use their free times to practice more.The question is what you prefer to do. If you belong to the first category ,enjoy yourself and try to make the best out of it. But, if you are in the second group, I recommend you take a look at Kanoon's Norooz Books. This book is designed and published to help those students, who want to study during this holiday period. This book shows you how much you can study, how many practices you can solve, and which parts of each subject are more important than the others.

So, the question over how to spend your Norooz is a matter of your choice?
:Stop wasting your free time, and use Flashcards
Author: Mrs. Shima Rahimi
Most of the students lose lots of time for studying, because they cannot carry heavy books everywhere they go, and consequently they lose lots of time. Kanoon has a solution for this important problem, which is Flashcard. Kanoon publishes different types of flashcards for every subject. The students can study and review their lessons without books. By studying and reviewing Flashcards everywhere, no one will waste his/her free time.