Kanoon Educational Method

Regular Developmental Assessments are the foundation of Kanoon educational methods. They are designed in a coherent way, allowing an unhurried progress and contributing to profound educational achievements of many students through flourishing their abilities and talents.

Developmental Assessments/Examinations: These assessments embody three innovative elements of our educational method: a) Personal Developmental Book, b) Personal Tutor, c) Educational Strategic Road Map.

National results issued on Developmental Assessment day: Since the first Kanoon’s Developmental Assessment, we have been able to analyze the students’ results on the same day of examination. Today, about half a million students attend our exams in about 400 cities of Iran and receive their results two or three hours after the exam. This prompt delivery of results is one of the significant qualities of our assessments. Accordingly, when students and their parents receive the results on the assessment day, which is a weekend, they have a strong incentive to sit together, analyze the results and devise a plan for the next exam.

2. Personal Developmental Book: Surely, this book is one of the most popular tools of personal strategy building in Iran. This innovative book of self-planning has brought a paradigm shift in old beliefs and pre-assumptions. Educational experts and theorists usually ignore the retrospective approach towards strategy building and mostly emphasize on teleological perspectives. During the past nine years, one million and five hundred thousand students have used our Personal Developmental Book, which has a retrospective view towards educational development. In the past twenty years of Kanoon’s history, many students have referred to Personal Developmental Book as the secret of their success in Concour, or their progress at school.

We, in Kanoon, believe that each student has his/her unique learning style and therefore requires individual educational guidance. Hence, each student must learn how to have a realistic self-evaluation of his/her learning style and coordinate it with Kanoon’s Strategic Educational Road Map. Personal Developmental Book helps them achieve this primary educational aim. Personal Tutors teach students how to use the book in order to acquire a practical in-depth understanding of their own learning styles and become more efficient learners.

Students fill their Personal Developmental Books according to the exact number of hours they have spent studying different subjects during a day. Then, at the end of each week, they calculate the hours they have studied for each subject. This approach helps them assess their effort on the basis of their past performance and enables them to build their own learning strategy for the future. Every two weeks, Personal Tutors check the students' Personal Developmental Books to provide them with guidance.

Characteristics of Personal Developmental Book:

• Each student evaluates his/her progress retrospectively.
• Each student has a major role in determining the pace of his/her education.
• The time-scale is practical (one week).
• By using Personal Developmental Book students are encouraged to compete with themselves rather than with others.

3. Personal Tutor (Poshtiban): This key role provides our pupils with a significant support in different aspects of their learning journey, including administrative and educational consultancies. Kanoon has employed about fifteen thousand Personal Tutors, each responsible for approximately thirty students. Personal Tutors are the bridge between Kanoon and the students; they make a phone call to their students every two weeks and a separate phone call to the students’ parents every month. They also hold a meeting with the students and their parents every two months.
4. Strategic Educational Road Map:
Kanoon’s Strategic Educational Road Map provides students with a distinctive coherent study map. This single coherent map, which is completely in line with the state curriculum, helps students achieve peace of mind while studying. By following the state curriculum, the Road Map unifies all of the educational associates, including students and teachers, to proceed along a common direction. Any diversion from the state curriculum usually puts mental pressures on students. This is one of the reasons why privileged students from Tehran and big cities, who tend to follow multiple educational plans, have recently achieved poor results in Concour, while students from under-developed areas have performed significantly better. 
Here, in Kanoon we follow two important principles while designing Developmental Assessment's Strategic Educational Road Map: a) follow a single and coherent educational map; b) this road map must be perfectly in line with the state curriculum. Thus, with any change in the textbooks or any other elements of the state syllabus, our Developmental Examinations will change accordingly. This factor is crucial in the success of Kanoon pupils.

• Immediately after enrolment, students receive their Strategic Educational Road Map.
• This map is attuned to the state curriculum.
• Its design has 20 years of Kanoon experience.
• Each individual learns how to customise the road map according to his/her personal characteristics and aims.
• This strategic road map helps students think more clearly, encourages personal ambition and academic diligence.