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Takaj Books: These books collect other countries’ exams, and are categorised in each subject.

Blue Books: Blue books contain multiple-choice questions from previous national university entrance exams, along with their answers in full details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Book: These books include the national final exam questions and answers in full details.

Books of the Commonest Mistakes: These books contain a collection of the commonest mistakes made by the students..

Green Books: These books elaborate on the important points of the school textbooks in a teaching platform, using hundreds of multiple-choice questions. 

Flash Cards: A set of cards containing a small amount of information, held up for students to see, as an aid to learning. (Read more about flash cards)


Books for a Good Start: These books are specifically written to make a promising start in learning a new subject.

New Year and Summer Books: These books are specially published to be studied during school holidays, like New Year and summer.
Small Books: These books contain short summaries of each lesson’s key points.
Bellow Mr. Arsh Farzan, a Kanoon teacher explains how Kanoon Books help students take steps to achieve mastery in their lessons.

What would you do to reach the level of mastery in a lesson? What are the necessary stages that you need to pass, in order to reach to that level of perfectionism? Here in Kanoon we offer you five stages to fulfil your aim and achieve the level of mastery in each lesson.
Stage 1: Kanoon “Green Books” are designed for those who want to understand their lessons thoroughly. They have many coherent examples that help you gain a deeper insight into the textbooks' materials. Green books put you right in the heart of understanding the subjects!
Stage 2: If you believe that practice makes perfect, I offer you Kanoon's ”Biennial Books” that are a collection of an abundant number of practice tests covering every single corner of each subject.
Stage 3: For those of you who want to challenge themselves with more difficult questions, Kanoon offers its “Blue Books”, which have a categorised set of collections of the previous Universities Entrance Examinations’ questions. Blue books enjoy explanatory answers that promote learning alongside testing. In this line, Kanoon also introduce its "Purple Books”, which are the special offers for the Exceptional Talents. Needless to say that these books encompasses a larger range of diverse and even more difficult questions to benefit the most ambitious students.
Stage 4: The fortnightly Developmental Assessments of Kanoon will come to your aid to lead you one step towards self-assessment stage. These exams are designed to simulate the real Universities Entrance Examinations and will create a great difference in the final results of those who take them regularly.
Stage 5: In case you are looking for a book that provides you with a categorised set of Concours' questions, Kanoon “Yellow Books” are a right choice. They offer a collection of the previous years Universities Entrance Examinations’ questions, which are designed in a classified manner and explain each test thoroughly.