Terms and Conditions

1- Qualification requirements for student scholarship applicants

Applicants for student scholarship who comply with the following conditions can register and interview in their nearest Ghalamchi center.

1) GPA conditions

From 5th grade of primary school to 4th grade of high school: Applicant’s most recent GPA must be higher than 17.

The 2nd and 3rd grade of vocational school: Applicant’s most recent GPA must be higher than 16.

Students who are under the support of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation may have GPAs of one grade lower than those mentioned above. (e.g. A student at 4th grade of high school having a certified letter from Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation may benefit from scholarship if he or she has a GPA higher than 16.)

2) It has to be established on the interview that the applicant is economically disadvantaged.

3) Applicants who are graduated from high-school can receive a scholarship only after one or two years of graduation.

4) Applicants must take developmental assessments (for one season after registration) and fulfill two requirements in order to receive scholarship type-1 and obtain a specified number of free books from Ghalamchi foundation: They must not be absent in the exams and must receive a grade higher than 5000.

2- Donation of books to type-1 and type-2 scholarship

Those who succeed in receiving type-1 or type-2 scholarships, after taking developmental assessments, may receive a specified number of books (8 to 10) free of charge.

3- Type-2 scholarships (educational grants)

Accepted students (type-1) may be chosen as a type-2 scholarship applicant and get introduced to Tehran funding center if two conditions are met: Managing to achieve a grade higher than 6000 in Kanoon’s assessments while suffering from deprived economic status.
If type-2 scholarship is won, the recipient will receive a grant of monthly 400,000 to 600,000 rials according to his or her educational success.

4- Type-3 scholarships (book-only)

Economically deprived students who fail to comply with GPA conditions are considered as type-3 scholarship recipients and will only receive books and educational packages (up to 500,000 rials).

5- Registration of disabled students (blind, deaf, paralyzed, etc.)

Disabled students do not need to meet any conditions of GPA or developmental assessments. A letter of certification from their corresponding regional institute of education for disabled students must be attached to their file of registration.

6- How eligible students can be introduced as applicants

by local bureaus of training an education

by schools’ principals and teachers

by charity institutions

by State Welfare Organization (SWO)

by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation

Scholarship trustees are significantly reliable volunteers cooperating with Ghalamchi foundation who identify hard-working talented students suffering from economic hardship and introduce eligible applicants to Ghalamchi foundation. A lot of these trustees are from well-known educators, instructors, and teachers and others include colleagues from Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, State Welfare Organization (SWO), City and Village Councils of Iran, and school constructing charitable organizations.