Science and Education Foundation Goals

On September 6th 2005, Ghalamchi Foundation was dedicated to “waqf” for the promotion of knowledge and education to make its objectives realized.

1-Educational funds and grants for talented diligent students in deprived areas

Hard-working gifted students suffering from financial hardship can benefit from studying schedule planning assistance, developmental assessments, Kanoon’s workbooks free of charge. Those deprived students who succeed in achieving a grade higher than 6000 in Kanoon’s exams will receive a monthly educational grant of 400,000 to 600,000 rials as their scholarship. Moreover, disabled students (blind, visually impaired, deaf, hearing impaired, or paralyzed) are also included.

2-Constructing Schools and Libraries

The construction of schools and libraries has taken place in two phases, before and after the dedication of Ghalamchi foundation to waqf.

3- Any other possible contribution to the promotion of knowledge and education