In the summer of 2007, a new beginning for Kanoon’s educational innovations came into existence. For the first time, special services were planned for the blind such that blind or visually impaired students from the whole country could benefit from scholarship services including developmental assessments, special educational consultation, audio books (Kanoon’s green, blue, and yellow books), audio studying schedule planning programs, and take-home audio exams with audio answer keys all free of charge.

In recent years, one of the distinct activities offered by the blind-dedicated section at Ghalamchi foundation, is conducting exam sessions in special places for blind students. The effort was aimed at providing adequate facilities for serving the blind with exams.

Prearranged and consistent attendance of Tehrani blind students on Fridays to take developmental assessments at equipped centers and regular consultations from personal tutors have helped them to be accepted in academic fields at universities with proper facilities for their special needs.

Additionally, “Asa-ye Sefid” institute (which means white cane in Persian) , Dr. MohammadJavad Movafaghian’s blind student Mohebi complex (for boys), and Narjes blind student complex (for girls) are hosts for Ghalamchi foundation students on Fridays.

Moreover, in order to ease the usage of English Audio Compact Discs a new software platform (Cresol) has been used to transform the questions of the English course in the assessments. This software helps blind students to hear the multiple choices in correct pronunciation. If required it also lets them hear again the sentence in question after replacing the blank with a chosen answer. This technique has the advantage of helping a blind student to gather new learnings in the very course of taking an exam.