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Using Web Tools to Teach Metacognition

Perry Samson from University of Michigan tries to use web tools to help students learn metacognition while they are taking class notes in 'LectureTools' and reading their text books in 'XamPREP'. Following you can see a Screen shot from one pane of LectureTools showing (A) note-taking area, (B) question-submission button, (C) draw-on the instructor slide and (D) graph of students' self-assessment of "confidence" in understanding.
Following you can see the screen shot from XamPREP showing presentation of one of the questions in a pre-lecture quiz.
The main features of XamPREP are:
  1. strongly encourages students to review germane concepts before lecture,
  2. focuses their reading on to the areas of the text that I consider particularly important.  
To know more about these tools, read the whole article here.