Students' Sentences

Tenth Grade

7 months ago

پارسا علی محمدی

We should develop humanism science because we need to edit people to give new technology and science.

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علوم انسانی = humanities
رشته های علوم انسانی = the fields of humanities, the disciplines of humanities 
We should develop the fields of humanities because we need to change our people so that they improve our science and technology.
We should develop humanities because we need successful people who improve science and technology in our country.  
Resalat High School 7 months ago

هدیه سلیمانی افشاری

This video can develop your communication skills.

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Saadat Abad High School 8 months ago

نیما دانشور

You should develop your English knowledge.

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Saadat Abad High School 9 months ago

کسری مهاجر

Every scientist wants to develop something useful.

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