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Our motto in Saraye Danesh Resalat High School is ‘Knowledge is Power’. Here, we have over 300 uniquely talented students trying to find their place in the world. We are one of the leading branches of Saraye Danesh High Schools in northeast of Tehran. Within our exceptionally student-centered community, teachers help students realize their full potential. Through various projects and experiences, students become more confident, and optimistic. These clear-thinking young adults are best prepared to fulfill their ambitions in our school, because of the six unique characteristics of Saraye Danesh Schools.
Teachers' Performance
عملکرد دبیران سرای دانش (ترم جاری)
مدرسهدبیرکلاستعداد دانش آموزانتعداد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختنددرصد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختندتعداد جملات فرستاده شدهتعداد جملات آبیدرصد جملات آبیتعداد جملات سبزدرصد جملات سبزتعداد جملات زرددرصد جملات زردتعداد جملات قرمزدرصد جملات قرمزتعداد جملات رد شدهدرصد جملات رد شده
Resalat High SchoolMahsa Khodaei 1252116.8%29316054%8930%3311%10%103%
Resalat High SchoolMahsa Khodaeiزهرا پورحيدر12758.33%834351%2327%1619%00%11%
Students' Sentences
Second Grade
Tenth Grade

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MitraMesbah 2 years ago
Thanks thanks Thanks Of my dearest students Most of them have participated in One Word One sentences project & Train of Idea. They've progressed since the beginning of this simester. The Main problem of the students: 1.using noun instead of verb 2.using adverb of frequency in a wrong position 3. Using 2verbs in the same form (e.g.she searched to discovered..)
Niki 2 years ago
I decided to listen to music insted of studying math.
parisa kazemian 2 years ago