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Our school is established in 2012. After two years, today we have 108 students who are studying according to the educational structure of Saraye Danesh Schools. We focus on equality of education, and empowering self-learning skills in Seyedkhandan branch. One of these abilities is to learn how to use English language. During the summer of 2014, our pupils attended Summer English Festival in which they learned how to read and write academic essays. This semester, they are focusing on mastering the English textbook’s vocabulary, by making sentences with each new word they learn.
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عملکرد دبیران سرای دانش (ترم جاری)
مدرسهدبیرکلاستعداد دانش آموزانتعداد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختنددرصد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختندتعداد جملات فرستاده شدهتعداد جملات آبیدرصد جملات آبیتعداد جملات سبزدرصد جملات سبزتعداد جملات زرددرصد جملات زردتعداد جملات قرمزدرصد جملات قرمزتعداد جملات رد شدهدرصد جملات رد شده
Seyed Khandan High SchoolFarhad Roodiسيد عميد ابطحى16743.75%1354130%5137%3425%10%85%
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