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Saadat Abad High School is a branch of Saraye Danesh for boys, located in Saadatabad neighborhood, in northwest of Tehran. Our school has 14 students in its 1st grade and 15 students in its 2nd grade. We commit ourselves to six principles of all Saraye Danesh Schools which are: a) Teachers provide lesson plans for each session, b) Teachers provide lesson summaries and students do not need to take notes during the lecture, c) Personal tutors, trained to communicate well with the students are present in classes, d) Practice sessions for each lesson are provided daily, e) School day starts with a Breakfast Exam, and f) Student’s performance is reported to his parents weekly. The other characteristic of our school is that we try to improve the English knowledge of our students by leading them to focus on learning vocabulary. Students must make one sentence with each new word and comment their sentence on Kanoon English Website. This project is called ‘One Word, One Sentence’. For those students who are more enthusiastic to improve their English abilities, they learn to read, understand, write, and present an academic project about their subject of interest.
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عملکرد دبیران سرای دانش (ترم جاری)
مدرسهدبیرکلاستعداد دانش آموزانتعداد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختنددرصد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختندتعداد جملات فرستاده شدهتعداد جملات آبیدرصد جملات آبیتعداد جملات سبزدرصد جملات سبزتعداد جملات زرددرصد جملات زردتعداد جملات قرمزدرصد جملات قرمزتعداد جملات رد شدهدرصد جملات رد شده
Saadat Abad High SchoolShahryar Eskandariايمان دريا بك14964.29%10798%4542%4239%21%98%
Saadat Abad High SchoolShahryar Eskandariسيامك شعر باف201050%2029748%6130%2914%41%115%
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Ahmadreza Homayouni 2 years ago
Hello to all my students, You should post your sentences in this blog instead of e-mailing them. Any questions and suggestions are appreciated.