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Felestin High school is a branch of Saraye Danesh Schools for girls, located in center of Tehran. Our school has the following six unique characteristics: 1) Teachers present lesson plans, and both parents and students know about each session's content. 2) Teachers present a written summary of each session, thus the students do not have to take notes and can be all ears in the class. 3) Each class has a mentor of its own named class ‘Personal Tutor’. They are considered as an educational consultant and tutor. 4) Each module has some time dedicated to practice the lessons taught at the same day. The students study the lessons they are taught each day at school, so that the content of each lesson would be fixed in their minds. 5) Morning Tests examine the lessons taught in the previous day. Thus, the content will be fixed in the students’ minds. 6) Mentor's report the latest situation of the student to her parents weekly. Therefore, the parents know about their child’s achievements. The final characteristic of our school is holding seasonal ‘English Festivals’. The aim of these Festivals is to empower students to be able to read, understand, write and present an academic essay in English. The newest program is based on the students’ textbooks, so that they can simultaneously work on their textbooks as an educational mean and foster their ability in English writing, without harming their educational achievements. As a result, the students’ English level improves in multiple ways.
Teachers' Performance
عملکرد دبیران سرای دانش (ترم جاری)
مدرسهدبیرکلاستعداد دانش آموزانتعداد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختنددرصد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختندتعداد جملات فرستاده شدهتعداد جملات آبیدرصد جملات آبیتعداد جملات سبزدرصد جملات سبزتعداد جملات زرددرصد جملات زردتعداد جملات قرمزدرصد جملات قرمزتعداد جملات رد شدهدرصد جملات رد شده
Felestin High SchoolShadi Rouhshahbazسارا كشاورز 272074.07%24414860%8434%83%00%41%
Felestin High SchoolShadi Rouhshahbazساناز يارى8675%834351%3643%44%00%00%
Felestin High SchoolShadi Rouhshahbazسميه نصرى8225%2727100%00%00%00%00%

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golia 2 years ago
saray danesh is a great high shool and i am not found