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Resalat Secondary School provides a vibrant atmosphere for young girls to find their own ways of learning. We believe in equality of education, and the right and ability of each student to achieve success in their area of interest. We are ruled based on the six educational pillars of all Saraye Danesh Schools, and this year we put a special focus on our English teaching program. During the summer of 2014, all of our students participated in Summer English Festival, in which, each student with any English background developed an English project. During the academic year of 2014-2015, our pupils focus on learning their English textbooks’ vocabulary, by making sentences with each new word. This project is called ‘One Word, One Sentence’, in which our pupils will upload their sentences in Kanoon English website and learn new words by making their own sentences and reading their friends’.
Teachers' Performance
عملکرد دبیران سرای دانش (ترم جاری)
مدرسهدبیرکلاستعداد دانش آموزانتعداد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختنددرصد دانش آموزانی که جمله ساختندتعداد جملات فرستاده شدهتعداد جملات آبیدرصد جملات آبیتعداد جملات سبزدرصد جملات سبزتعداد جملات زرددرصد جملات زردتعداد جملات قرمزدرصد جملات قرمزتعداد جملات رد شدهدرصد جملات رد شده
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiشيرين چيذرى17847.06%41623857%11126%5412%30%102%
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiعاطفه عباسى19947.37%19510955%5327%2713%00%63%
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiمريم نجفى20840%35619554%12133%257%82%71%
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiمهسا خنجرى201260%30313544%12340%299%51%113%
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiمهشيد مومنى20945%1739856%5833%137%10%31%
Resalat Secondary SchoolMahsa Khodaeiنازنين جبارى201575%52728453%17833%5410%40%71%

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Aida Eghbali Last year
It's very nice and the students play very good.
Kimia Pajouhi Paad 2 years ago
kiana homayouni 2 years ago
Its very good idea.
maedeh hosseini 2 years ago